“Thanks to Aristo-Cast for hosting the AFS Investment Casting Committee. As always the Zeimba’s were great hosts. We saw their innovations such as PICS, direct 3D printing shells and cores from a light cured slurry (see remarkable complex shapes and passages), direct wax printing, the PMMA powder bed printing on Voxel 1000 machine, pouring Mg, shell conventional wax injection patterns, shell building, and pouring of stainless steel. They will again be hosting a tour for the AFS Additve Mfg. Conference in Dearborn, Mi. In November.”

Thomas Prucha
Editor-in-chief International Journal of MetalCasting


I had hoped to see you before you left today but this email will have to do.

It fair to say that I have been actively involved with numerous Investment Casting companies for a considerable amount of time (45+ years) and from several different countries. I have designed and fabricated investment cast parts with varying levels of complexity and success. I would guess that in all I have interfaced with at least three hundred different companies and all with different areas of expertise and production facilities.

When I first entered Arista Cast my first impression was, here was another nice normal Investment Casting company with what looked like a lot of employees proud to work there and happy in their work.

Well, to date you have surpassed that in my mind, and together with my peers justified the recommendation to proceed to the next level and “test the waters” and see what they can do.

These comments are mine only and in no way should they be interpreted as a Christie Digital endorsement however I do want you to feel appreciated and proud of what you have done and realize that you are regarded in my mind, a first class casting house and definitely in the top ten of all casting houses I have been involved with. I am sure you will continue to deliver excellent products ongoing.

Sincerely and thank you,

P.S. Thank you for the popcorn, as always it was excellent and sadly all gone now as my colleagues think it’s the best also.

Speaking on behalf of the guys that visited you in December, we thank you very much for the nameplates which I must say have impressed us and a number of our colleagues. It has drawn some very positive comments.

We certainly appreciated your time with us and we have a much better understand of the process and how going forward we need to engineer parts to meet the capabilities of the process. This will be a bit of a learning curve for us as we have mostly done die casting in the past. I am sure we will get there as we continue our quest, and shift away from die casting.

We look forward to talking with you again and you were very correct… the popcorn was the best I have ever had.

Best regards

Good morning gentlemen,

I wanted to follow up with you to thank you again for the tour yesterday.  After making us the sample part and sending it to us, we just couldn’t say no.  By the way that is a great marketing tool.  What’s more is it got us to come out and learn more about your company, the investment casting process, and the other services that you offer.   What is important is we now understand that we have an expert in the field that is just a short distance away.  When possible we always try and use local vendors.  As a result when we have a project that comes up in the future we now know who to go to.

What I will remember most from the visit is how clean your facility is (immaculate), how knowledgeable your team is, and how willing you are to think outside the box to come up with solutions for your customers.  But most of all I will remember you customer service.  From the sample part you made to get us to come out, to the project examples you showed us on the tour from other customers projects, and with the parting gifts… they all demonstrate how customer oriented you are.  If that is your goal, you nailed it!

P.S. – the Pine cone sample at the end was a very nice gift!  Ryan and I wanted to thank you for these samples.

I am sure we will be talking soon about a project.
Best regards,

Mark Wynn
Sr. Engineer
Yazaki North America, Inc.