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All Articles are available in PDF Format.
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Award-winning Parts Make Good Designs Better
Foundry Management & Technology / December 2018

A New Way to Design for Light Weight
Global Casting / September 2017

2017 Casting of the Year
Modern Casting / May 2017

A New Way to Design for Light Weight
Modern Casting / May 2017

Casting Contest Winners
Incast / October 2017

Strenthening Thin Walls Bolsters
Metal Casting Design & Purchasing / Sept/Oct 2017

Aerospace Project Pairs 3D Printing w/IC
Additive Manufacturing / November 2017

2017 Casting Contest Winner
Incast / October 2017

Casting Contest Winner (Hall of Honor Casting)
Incast / October 2016

Casting Contest Finalists (Pilot Tube)
Incast / October 2016

Aristo Cast 2014 Automotive Award from Investment Casting Institute
61st Technical Conference and Equipment Exposition / October 5 - 8, 2014

2014 Metalcaster of the Year
Metal Casting / June 2014

Rolls Royce Auto Restorers Turn to Investment Casting and Aristo Cast for Replacement Part
Incast Magazine / February 2014

Aristo Cast Handles Tight Turnaround for Trophy Order
Metal Casting Design & Purchasing / Nov/Dec 2013

Time Crunch for Complex Component Results in Investment Cast Tooling
Incast Magazine / January 2013

Magwerks, AristoCast Prove the Magic of Magnesium
Metal Casting Design & Purchasing / Sept-Oct 2012

Dual Role for Magnesium Housing in Automotive LED Lighting
International Magnesium Association / August 2012

Investment Cast Diving Helmet Combines Security of Metal with Light-weight Efficiency of Plastic
Incast Magazine / August 2011

8-Component Gridlock Arm Assembly Designed for No Secondary Machining
Incast Magazine / August 2011

Alloy Choice and Quick Turnaround Point to Investment Casting to Produce Fuel Pump Removal Tool
Incast Magazine / August 2011

A Less-Expensive Way to Produce Magnesium Prototypes / April 2011

Casting Contest Award Presented by: Investment Casting Institute
Incast Magazine / November 2010

Fuel Delivery Casting Succeeds with Attention to Gating
Metal Casting Design & Purchasing / July-August 2010

Best-In-Class Award Presented by: American Foundry Society Inc.
Metal Casting Design & Purchasing / May-June 2010

Miniature Castings from Aristo Cast Include Impressive Intricate Detail
Incast Magazine / January 2010

Top Honors in ICI's Annual Casting Contest
Foundry Management & Tech / November, 2009

Complex Internal Passages Shelled, Not Cored in Aristo Cast Aerospace Part
Incast Magazine / May 2009

An investment Caster Takes a Functional Approach to Prototyping...
Foundry Management & Tech / April, 2009

ICI Selects Best Investment Casting Designs
Foundry Management & Tech / November, 2008

Aristo Cast's Aerial Engine Gear Box
Incast Magazine / October, 2008

10 Ways to Win a Casting Competition
Foundry Management & Tech / July, 2008

Aristo Cast Inc.'s Cylinder Puller Assembly...
Incast Magazine / November, 2007

Going Down with Metal
Engineered Casting Solutions / May - June 2006

Best-In-Class Award - Deep See Diving Helmet
AFS / July 2006

2006 Best-in-Class Castings
Job Shop Technology / July 2006

2005 Industrial/Commercial Casting Award goes to Aristo Cast
Incast Magazine / November 2005

Aristo Cast: Accepting the Challenges
Modern Casting / August, 2005

Cutting Die Casting Lead Times via Prototyping
Modern Casting / April, 2005

Need Die Cast Parts Faster?
Modern Casting / March, 2005

When You Least Expect It
Modern Casting / February, 2005

Best-In-Class - Windshield Wiper Motor Components
AFS / July 2006

Alloy Choice and Quick Turnaround Point to...
Incast Magazine / October, 2004

What's Old is Made New Again
Incast Magazine / June, 2004

Honorable Mention Award - Swing Arm for an Unmanned Military Vehicle
AFS / 2004

Aristo Cast Component Marked by Many Iterations and Rapid Response...
Incast Magazine / November, 2003

Award-Winning Investment Casting is Evidence of Nontraditional Marketing
Incast Magazine /  August, 2003

Investment Cast Part from Aristo Cast Recognized in AFS Casting Contest
Incast Magazine /  July, 2003

Almont's Aristo Cast Offering Cutting-Edge Products, Service
Tri-City Times /  June, 2003  

Casting Firm Delivers Rapid Prototype of Magnesium Mirror Mount
Job Shop Technology / June, 2003

Best-In-Class Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirror Mount for a Pick-Up Truck
AFS / 2003